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Connect your wallet to start trading $PFT.

There are instructions below the widget if you need.

Please contact us for further help.

DEXTswap Aggregator Widget Template

four easy steps

Getting your hands on some $PFT is a simple 4-step process.

Step-1 You need to have a wallet to store your crypto in.
Step-2 You need to get some Matic (to swap for $PFT)
Step-3 You need to do the trade (swap Matic for $PFT)
Step-4 You need to add $PFT to your wallet to see your balance!

Allow 15 minutes for this process. Once you’ve done it once, it’s super simple to repeat again.

Download a cryptocurrency wallet

We recommend the Trust Wallet app.
(Instructions: install Trust Wallet)

You can use Metamask if you prefer
(Instructions: install MetaMask)

*you can’t use an exchange (eg, Binance)*

Buy Matic and send it to your wallet

There are two ways to do this:

  1. By using your credit card directly inside the wallet application.
    (Instructions: Trust Wallet or MetaMask)

  2. If you have an exchange account like Easy Crypto or Binance
    (Instructions: Trust Wallet or MetaMask)

Swap or trade your Matic for $PFT

To do this you connect your wallet to the trade widget above.
(Instructions for both Trust Wallet and MetaMask – using the web or your mobile phone)


*set slippage to 5%*

Add $PFT as a custom token to your wallet

(Instructions: Trust Wallet / MetaMask)


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