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how cryptocurrency can help

With 25 million native birds dying each year, we need to consider different ways to tackle our pest problem. Especially if New Zealand hopes to become pest free by 2050.

While government funding does help, it’s abundantly clear it will never be enough (and will always be subject to changes in governments and policies). A longer-term and more independent solution is needed.

The Pest Free Token cryptocurrency (called $PFT) is an independent market-solution, helping to save native birds by generating funding for pest eradication 24/7. With a global market cap worth at times up to $5bil, cryptocurrency could be the solution our birds need the most.

Every $PFT purchase helps. There is no minimum amount you have to buy, and you can sell them whenever you want.

As an added incentive, people who buy $PFT tokens (known as ‘holders’) receive bonus tokens for free. You can now literally make money and fund pest eradication at the same time.

This makes us not only the first charitable cryptocurrency in New Zealand, but also the only one to incentivise your contribution.

The $pft token

A cryptocurrency that runs on the Polygon network.

Make money and fund pest eradication at the same time.

Join the hundreds of others around the world already trading $PFT.


how to get started

Download a wallet

Download a cryptocurrency wallet (eg, Trustwallet).

Buy some Matic

Buy Matic in-app or via a retailer (eg, Easy Crypto).

Connect to swap

Connect your wallet to our widget to swap Matic for $PFT.

Hold and earn

Add $PFT as a custom token to your wallet & HODL.


Fees to buy



Kiwi operated

An innovative market solution

How it works

When you buy $PFT, you keep 100% of the tokens.

If/when you sell your $PFT, we take a small 3% fee.

The fee is distributed between the charity and holders.

Read our Whitepaper to understand more.

The early bird gets the worm

$PFT has already funded multiple initiatives in the last 2 years.

It has also made our holders a lot of money.

This makes $PFT a proven and workable solution.

Get started today and join NZ’s first charitable cryptocurrency.

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Our differences


We took deliberate steps to ensure $PFT tokens are environmentally net positive.


We have legal protections in place to ensure $PFT tokens are not misused.


We operate in a transparent manner so you can trust but verify.


The profit generated from $PFT tokens can only be used for charitable purposes.

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