Protect 100m of river


Rivers play an important role in pest eradication. Not only does the water provide a safe haven for our birds, the river banks are often a highway for pests. Trapping along rivers is a proven way of protecting the local native birds.


Maintaining a river’s protection is costly for trapping organisations.

Buy contributing to those costs, you know the local birds are sleeping easier.

Your donations goes towards a combination of annual costs required to keep that 100m stretch of river protected, eg bait, labour, transport, insurance, training etc.

We will pass on 100% of your donation. Let us know in the ‘additional information’ at the checkout if you require a donation certificate for tax purposes.

P.S This would make the perfect thoughtful, waste-free gift for a friend. You can send a whole lot of love while making a little change towards a pest free New Zealand for generations to come.

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