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A different way to help

You can send cryptocurrency directly to our wallet.

Note: Cryptocurrency donations are not eligible for donation certificates.

Note: Make sure you send your crypto via the correct network, otherwise it will be lost.

choose your network

Send only ERC-20 tokens that are on the ethereum network to this address (eg, ETH, SHIB, USDT, and USDC).

Address: 0xeF43c2cd2559d1EC2997163Ad99184457bf0865a

You can also send Polygon (Matic) to this address on the Matic network.

Address: 0xeF43c2cd2559d1EC2997163Ad99184457bf0865a

Send only BEP-20 tokens that are on the Binance Smart Chain BSC to this address (eg, BNB ).

Address: 0xeF43c2cd2559d1EC2997163Ad99184457bf0865a

Send only Bitcoin (BTC) to this address.

Address: bc1qkynhyg240n72063rrv2e00rq9fmuqx5fumyk9u

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